Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Rudeness of Some People...

When I first started blogging in 2008, this was one of my very first posts that anyone read, so I thought I'd post it again just as a reminder. Plus, I've added a couple of new ones, thanks to modern technology.

I've been collecting various instances for a while, in order to make fun of people's rudeness, as well as call them out, publicly.

People Who Use The Express Lane For A Whole Cart of Groceries: I think this one makes everyone crazy, right? You've carefully selected your grocery items (so that you can breeze through the express checkout) and get in line with your (Under 10) small cart of items, only to unwittingly get behind someone who doesn't play by the rules as the rest of us do. They have 18 or 35 items instead of staying under the 10 suggested items and it always seems like they need a price check or want to use coupons. Really? What a time suck after I so carefully calculated my shortest grocery store experience possible. These people either need to pay better attention to what they're doing or learn to read. Get a clue!

People With BAD Phone Etiquette: Have you ever dialed the wrong number by accident only to have some Bozo on the other end try to bite your head off? Geeze, buddy. It was an accident for crying out loud. I, on the other hand, prefer to politely tell them what number they have just mistakenly called. I don't want them calling again. But alas, they often do, at which point I just speak to them as if they are deaf (unless it's an elderly person). Very. Loudly. That usually does the trick. Don't even get me started on cell phone users who think that everyone around them wants to hear their boring conversation. We don't.

People Who Talk Or Text While Driving: Every time I get behind someone who is going way under the speed limit or driving in and out of their lane, I know they are going to have a cell phone in hand. I'm right approximately 99.9% of the time. I want to roll down my window and yell "If you can't talk and drive, then hang up before you kill someone!" Surely these clueless clowns don't really have a death wish, but their actions say quite the opposite. Here, we have a law that all cell phone use in school zones is now illegal. Really? I see people on their phones in school zones every single day of the world. They all look as if they are nice, normal people. Unfortunately, these folks feel that they are above the law. I can't help but wonder how they would feel after causing a fatal wreck or run over a child they don't see (because they aren't looking). These people, quite frankly, make me insane. 

Road Hogs: I'm also amused by people who work like hell to pass you on a busy residential street and go from Mach 1 to Mach 5, only to wind up next to you at the stop light. I used to always tell my children "Get ready to see what an idiot looks like." We'd pull up next to them and then we'd all stare over at the car and the kids would say something like "He/she doesn't LOOK like an idiot." So, I would reply "Yes, and don't ever forget that. The world is full of sheep and idiots as well as some really great people. You will never be able to tell the difference from merely looking at them." Both of my children claim that they do the same thing to this day. Another example of road *hoggishness* is the guy in front of you on a two lane highway going way under the speed limit, who won't move over enough to let you see if there are oncoming cars. Furthermore, when you do try to pass them, they seem to get great pleasure out of speeding up so that you, once again, cannot pass, or else they make it difficult to pass.

Parking Hogs: I think this is probably self explanatory. Just think of Kathy Bates' character in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. She waits patiently for a car to back out of a spot. Just as she's ready to pull into said spot, two young women pull into the same spot from the wrong direction. It also makes me crazy to see someone taking up two whole parking spaces in a crowded parking lot. It is either totally thoughtless or intentional. Either way, it makes these idiots quite rude.

Grocery Store Zombies: You know the ones I'm talking about. The people who ever-so-cluelessly wander the grocery aisles with no idea that they are taking up the entire aisle with their shopping cart. They always seem completely oblivious to this fact and when you try to excuse yourself to get by their cart and/or entourage, they look as if you just hawked a loogie on them. Maybe you should, in order to see a true reaction from these dullards. These are often the same people who don't pull out their large stack of coupons until after you've already emptied the contents of your cart onto the moving belt. You know, so that you could see them and quickly move on to another checkout. And, don't even get me started on the people who ram your heels with their cart and don't even notice. If they look at me, they will only see the whites of my eyes as they are rolling back in head.

Rude Sales Clerks: Really, this is one of the most annoying of all the rude personality types. They are getting paid to assist shoppers, aren't they? I love to watch their eyes grow in size when they realize you are going to make a huge purchase of clothing and shoes. Then, when they have decided you are worthy of their attention, my favorite thing to do is say "You know what, I don't really want any of this after all." Then, walk out of the store as you turn to see them staring after you, mouth all agape. No commission. No sales. Put everything back where it came from. That's what you get for acting like a snotty elitist that is angry about having to work for a living.

The Disgruntled Postal Worker: It seems that every time I go to the post office there is this one little man who makes life hell for anyone and everyone. He's certainly not picky about who he's rude to, because he's equally as rude to all. I always try my best to make sure I'm in one of the other lines. Not his. He yelled at me one day because I had written the amount of insurance up in the corner of my box with a pencil and not a pen. Whew! He's surely a great candidate for one day turning completely postal and gunning down co-workers and other people who don't prepare their packages in the way he deems fit. Yup, I think this guy is a ticking time bomb.

Men Who Don't Hold Doors Open for Women: I find these men to be the biggest buffoons of all and constantly wonder how on earth they ever made it so far in life, with such poor social skills. A man who doesn't treat women nicely is a man who is either too much of a freaking self absorbed jerk to care, or was never taught how to treat women nicely in the first place. Either way, they are not redeemable and will most likely never change. Neanderthals, really. These types do not exist among my group of friends. I only have unfortunate collisions with them in public.

So... Can you add to this list? Are there rude people in your world? Tell me about it!


Mental P Mama said...

I think you covered it! Except for those people with poorly behaved children. They never seem to notice that their brats are disturbing everyone around them.

Bodacious Boomer said...

When I was up north I couldn't believe the number of men who didn't hold a door open for a woman. It was shocking-- knuckle dragging troglodytes!

The Incredible Woody said...

And this list is exactly why I love you!! Great minds and all that :)


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