Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sweet Christmas Chaos...

Apparently, I don't just need to tag Christmas lights before I put the 3 part tree away. I should also be leaving myself a video of what I've done and where I've put it, as well as the manner in which I dismantle said tree. That would be desirable for putting the tree back together again the following year. I'm sure you get my drift.


I am so fortunate to be living in these modern times, where one can virtually record their every move, for playback later. At my age, it's a gift from Heaven, really.

A new job for Mr. Snooty.... The family videographer. He has brain cells I lost track of long ago, so he would totally rock that title, or perhaps not.

For at least 2 to 3 days at the onset of decorating for Christmas, I become embroiled in the revolving door of insanity (otherwise known as Christmas decorating), trying to get the tree lights to work. It's truly one of the most frustrating jobs to tackle, ever. Luckily, I know that when I finally master the lights and how they look, I'll be staring at them gleefully until New Year's Day.

This year I finally have all the lights hooked up to one individual off/on switch (it's not a Clark Griswold setup either), and I also had the lights working in one day. I've been attempting to achieve this for years. So, Yay Me!

While our son was here at Thanksgiving he went with me to our storage unit on the outskirts of town, to retrieve the load of Christmas decorations we have stored there. You know. The ones that didn't fit in storage here at the house. We grabbed everything that was marked, contained, or bagged as Christmas items. Today, Mr. Snooty and I got 2/3 of the tree put together before we realized that son and I must have overlooked the top 1/3 of the tree. Oops.

So, Mr. Snoots and I jumped in the SUV, headed back out to the storage, and found it in a green plastic garbage bag, UNMARKED. Huh? Seriously? I could not possibly have done that since I was the poster child for organizational skills, apres' Christmas 2011. Or perhaps it was simply a brain fart senior moment. Gah. Who knows? Wait just one minute. Where are the pictures of said organization? Ooops. Again.

There are some days I feel as if my brain is about to explode or it has only marbles rolling around inside, devoid of all else. Does anyone else ever feel like this? Anyone? Anyone? But, by golly, this year I'm taking pictures of everything. Thank goodness my camera has more memory than I, right?

Today, I'm having to drive back out to the storage unit to find a box of decorative items I can't seem to locate. All of my coffee table decorations are MIA, which includes my coveted snow globe collection. Yes, I'm the perfect picture of organization. Or not.

I absolutely adore Santa Claus and therefore tend to collect new ones every year. I have two new favorites this year and both are new ornaments I bought for the tree at Hobby Lobby. Do you have a new favorite?


Mental P Mama said...

Looking very festive chez vous!

Sjn said...

I too looked back on photos from last year to see what I had done in 2011. It made everything go up a bit faster I must say!
I splurged this year and bought all new white and silver ornaments for our living room tree. I wanted an icy winter wonderland type look. I really wanted a flocked tree, but ours is fake and pre-lit and so easy to set up, so I just used that.
You really need to treat yourself to a pre-lit tree after Christmas when they go on super sale! So easy, practically no assembly required!


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